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Let me introduce myself :

Naveen Singh Blogger

My self naveen singh negi(20 years old) from india.I am student of Bsc.(IT).So you guys might be thinking why i am creating a blog like this even when i am an IT student,Right??

So Let me tell you a little bit more about myself and this blog.

basically i am a kind of a guy who was average in studies and just got passing marks in exams.
here comes the exciting part,

I was average not because i didn't like study or i couldn't concentrate on study but because of my pre matured and logical mind...wait what?? You mind be thinking what the f**k this guy saying..

But unfortunatelly,Yes i was a very practical and logical child from my school days.i didn't study too much because i thought studies are not going to take me anymore.which may be right or wrong.

But my logical mind calculated that and so i never studied too much....So what did i do in free time??


  Here Comes The Interesting Point :

because i didn't find my studies valuable so i started learning and exploring my hobbies,interests. 

So i started doing dance(i love dance),rapping,learn online earning methods,blogging,social media influencing,reading books about life & psychology and human behaviour etc. I started Tv shows,Youtube videos about learning self development because i have too much time.

so i learnt about each & every thing about personal improvement like confidence,self esteem,mind controlling techniques,life hacks etc and each and everything about human behaviour & mental states.

i was achieved a mind of a 70+ years old man in a very young age or you can say a very matured mind that can understand every situation and can give advice to anyone about anything in life.

So let me tell my good and bad points : firstly good points: I'm

  1.  A good and quick learner. 
  2. I keep on learning new things each and everyday.  
  3. A good analyzer, i can analyze and can take right decisions about anything after doing some research.
  4. A good motivational speaker( i think so,because i can motivate you when you are really need me,but never got a chance to public speaking)
  5. A complete library of knowledge about life and self development.
  6. A good dancer , video creator, tech geek etc.
  7. I do what i love without thinking too much (that's the thing i like about myself).


    Let's cover some bad points about me:

    although i have deep knowledge about many aspects of life but i never applied more than 70% of this knowledge in real life.

    what is remaining 30%??

    well that's the main reason behind this blog i want to revise all those knowledge and want to overcome my all insecurities and also i want to help others guys.

    because i have seen many people have many problems in life like lack of motivation, no direction in life, sadness,depression, bad relations etc.

    so i want to help such people through my knowledge and help them to be the best version of themselves.

    Conclusion :: This blog is all about to get help and give help,So that we all can grow together and live a happy and successful life.

    Thanks You
    (Naveen Singh)   


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